What is Vintage Baseball?

Vintage baseball has roots in the 1800s and is a unique way to experience the game. Players wear period-accurate uniforms and play with authentic equipment. The rules of the game are also different than today’s game. The games are held all year long in various venues including city parks, living history villages, and open-air museums.

Players in vintage baseball play with soft hands to absorb shock. They must also practice playing barehanded because they bruise their hands on a regular basis. This unique type of baseball is played by over 400 teams in the U.S. There are even teams dedicated to vintage baseball. To learn more about vintage baseball, visit their websites or find a vintage baseball league in your area.

Players of this type of baseball are eager to practice when the weather starts to warm up. They also look forward to away games. The Grinders Field team travels to different Midwest states to play against opposing teams. In vintage baseball, players try to emulate the gentlemanly behavior of the mid-1800s. They use phrases such as “Hit a daisy cutter, Sir” and “Well done!”

The term “vintage” is not widely defined. Some people define vintage as anything over a decade ago, while others consider it to be anything more than that. The older a piece of baseball is, the more likely it is that it is vintage.

The Second Vintage Baseball Team Continues Its Season on Sept. 24 Against the Wyandotte Bears

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing baseball in an old-fashioned style, now’s your chance. The Second Vintage baseball team continues its season in Brownstown Township on Sept. 24 against the Wyandotte Bears. The first game was held in August, and this weekend, the team will be back at it for a second go. The game is free and open to the public.
The second vintage baseball game will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday on the Brownstown soccer fields on King Rd.
The Brownstown Volunteers, a vintage ball team, played its first game in the township in August. On Saturday, the team will play the Wyandotte Bears.

The event is hosted by the Brownstown Historical Society and the Brownstown Downtown Development Authority. Michigan CAT is sponsoring the game.

Vintage baseball games are played just like games of the 1860s, with no baseball gloves. Players don authentic vintage uniforms.

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