Spirit Wear Shows Your Pride


Who doesn’t take pride in the team or school that one supports or attends? There are many ways in which a person can show their support for their team or school but one of the best ways to show that support is through wearing spirit wear. I don’t know about a lot of people but I, for one, own at least twenty types of apparel in support of my favorite NFL and NBA team. Although my teams may not be the most elite teams I still love wearing my gear to show who I support. Not to mention it becomes a conversation piece as well which can be fun.

Wearing your favorite team or schools apparel shows how much pride you have in your choice. When you wear your apparel you are telling everyone, “this is my team/school/group and I love them no matter what you say.” Even if your team is not one of the most popular of team you don’t care because it is your team and you were able to make that choice. No one can tell you who you can or can not support. Wearing your favorite team, school or group apparel can make you have a sense of confidence because you know it was your choice whether people like it or not. The positive affect that has on your mental health can be immeasurable.

There are many types of apparel you can purchase in support of your team or school or group. There are of course t-shirts and hats which are the most popular that you can purchase from a store right off the shelf or even from an online vendor but did you ever think about designing your own spirit wear? There are many things you can do in keeping within the trademark guidelines in designing your own spirit wear. Designing your very own sublimated t-shirt or hat or jacket could be lots of fun. The options are unlimited in what you can design. You can contact an online vendor who specializes in custom uniforms and apparel that will be happy to help you in designing your own sublimated spirit wear. Most online sellers of sublimated apparel have an art department that will work with you in designing something that is your very own. Maybe you even have a group of people at work or at school that might like to join in which would help the cost be even more affordable. You could own something that is uniquely your own that no one else has. It doesn’t even have to be just a team or school how about a bowling league that you are in. Designing your own team shirt would be lots of fun. The reasons are endless in deciding what you want to sublimate.

Just think, you could be walking around in your newly custom sublimated spirit wear and have people walk up to you and ask, “Where did you get that? That is really cool!” Tell me that wouldn’t make you feel pretty darn good. There’s no doubt that wearing any type of spirit wear shows a lot of pride but to wear something that you custom designed in support of your team or school? Now that is making you stand out among the rest.

Patty McDaniel


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