What Does The Color of a Uniform Symbolize

Team uniform colors, how important is it? If you are like most sports fans one of the first things you probably notice when you go to a sporting event, after looking at how many people are in attendance, is the uniform. It could be the logo on the uniform that you like but it is usually the color of the uniform that catches our attention. So what makes teams choose the color they do for the uniform? Is there a conscious physiological reason that the coach decides on a color or are the colors chosen just because the coach or team likes certain colors? Whatever the reason, the colors being chosen do symbolize something when chosen for the uniform.

Let’s examine the meaning behind two colors that seem to be used quite a bit. According to the Color Wheel Pro there is meaning behind certain colors. There’s red, which is a widely used color. Red is generally associated with energy, power, strength and determination. Red is commonly used in many sports uniforms because of all the above mentioned reasons that are associated with it. Then there is black, which is a common color in uniforms as well. Black is associated with power. There are other things black is associated with such as evil and death and elegance but we are just talking about sports here so we will focus on its meaning of power. These two colors, red and black, are common in almost every NFL team’s uniform. Either they have red or black or they have both red and black together as their colors. In looking at all the teams in the NFL sixteen out of the thirty two teams in the NFL have one or both of these colors in their uniform. That is very telling considering the meanings of these two colors.

There are other colors that are interesting to examine as well. There is orange, which although not as popular as red and black, is a color that is used quite a bit. Orange symbolizes many different things but again we are talking about sports so we will stick with those symbols. Orange represents enthusiasm, determination, success, stimulation and encouragement. According the Color Wheel Pro orange also increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity. Orange is used for NFL team the Denver Broncos so one must wonder, considering the altitude of the state of Colorado in which Denver is in, if there was something behind the organization choosing the color orange since it is said to increase oxygen supply to the brain.

Blue is another common color used when choosing a color for a uniform. Whether it be light blue, navy blue, royal blue or dark blue it is a very commonly used color. Blue symbolizes confidence, wisdom and intelligence. Many people may think based on this information why would sports teams use the color blue. Well anyone who has every played a sport knows it takes more than muscles to win a game. Blue is the second highest used color in the NFL. Thirteen out of the thirty two teams use some form of blue in their uniform.

So when you are deciding on which color you want for your team’s uniform you might want to think about what message you want to send to the other team when you step out on that field, court, ice or whatever surface the game is being played on. Find a color wheel that will give you the meaning of your color of choice. You may also want to think about having your uniform custom made by an online seller of custom sports team apparel and then you can have the exact shade of color that matches what you want to convey to your team and anyone else that will be watching your team play. Building your own custom sports uniform can be lots of fun now that you know there is meaning behind the colors you choose.

Patty McDaniel 9/24/2017

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