Custom Cheer Uniforms by AUO

The custom cheer uniforms designed by AUO are ideal for dance and cheer competitions. The versatility and exciting styles available at AUO will suit any squad. Designing a squad uniform can help instill a team’s personality and spirit. Aside from the competition, the cheer uniforms must also show the individuality of the cheerleaders. To do […]

Choosing a Cheerleading Uniforms Package

There are several different options available for a cheerleading uniforms package, from metallic colors to bright metallic fabrics. For the most unique look, check out the all-star cheer uniforms, which come in both a metallic and a dye-sublimation design. The best way to make your routine stand out is with specialty fabrics from Dehen. These […]

The Evolution of the Cheerleading Uniform

In the 1960s, cheerleaders were more athletic, so cheerleading uniforms became more comfortable. Sweatshirts and cotton shirts took the place of heavy sweaters, and cheerleaders wore pants and skirts with pleats. The sport became more popular among girls than boys, and uniforms changed to include tighter knit sweaters and tennis shoes. Today’s uniforms are more […]

The Value of Youth Sports

We have all heard that it’s important for kids (and, well, everybody) to exercise regularly to prevent health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart conditions. Despite a lot of people wrongly associating organized youth sports with too much competition and too much strain put on the body, all kids benefit from getting involved in […]