Benefits of Youth football for kids

Football is one of the top five youth sports programs for participation each year in the United States. Along with the skills of playing a position and being part of a team youth football benefits kids in a variety of positive ways that include…

Physical Activity…
Today’s youth spend a large amount of their free time in front of a computer or game console. The kids will tell you they are interacting with their friends and it is a social environment. While that is accurate and there is nothing wrong with it, a good balance between online activities and true physical activity is critical to a well-rounded child.

Playing game online contributes direct to creating a sedentary lifestyle which can lead to a number of potential health problem such a diabetes and obesity. Youth football programs are a great way to get your kids out of chair and active.

Community and Bond…
While nothing replace parenting in a child’s life youth sports does play an active roll in developing and encourage teenagers to be part of a community. They are actively engaged with teammates training for a common goal while exposing them to new environments and people from other schools and organizations.
Youth sports is so much more that just winning on the field, and the lessons learned translate later in life as our youth transition to be young productive adults.

Reduced Crime Rates…
The world today is a fast-paced environment with many dual income families that have both parents working outside of the home. This creates large windows of time kids are left at home to their own devices. There are many reasons kid can get into trouble, but a lack of adult supervision is often at the top of that list.
Youth football can help keep your kids engaged and away from potentially risky activities. Even if you are still at work the kids will be under the supervision of coaches and other adult participating in an activity that limits their time and expose to delinquent activities and bad environments.

Football is also a great place for kid dealing with problems at home or in the classroom to find an outlet to channel their emotion in a positive way through the competition process.

Youth football leagues and organizations are a great place for our teenagers. To participate there are some items that parent will need to rent or purchase for their kids. These items can include practice uniforms, shoulder pads, helmets, mouth guards and cleats. Other items like youth football uniforms are generally provided by the team and included with the registration cost. Many teams will have a vendor they work with that will create great looking custom football jerseys for game day in both home and away colors. These custom football jerseys are usually something the player gets to keep at the end of the season which gives them great reminder of their time spend with their friends and teammates working towards a common goal.

Weather it is football, or another sport, don’t sell the value of youth sports short in creating a positive environment for your kids that will help them grow into well round adults. They are the future of the world.

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