Fun Youth Team Building Activities for 12U

Youth sports create a great foundation for children to learn many skills that will carry them forward into their adult life. Coaches and adults need to nurture and build an environment that helps develop and build all their skills, not just how to kick, hit or throw a ball. Kids need to be exposed to the environments that foster working and relying on others in a group or team setting. There are many activities that can positively impact young players. Here are a few that may benefit your youth team.

Relay Races
This may be possibly the single most popular team building activity for youth sports. Divide your group into equal teams spreading out you talent mix between the groups to keep them as even as possible. The relay can be run as forward sprints between cones, or modified with side shuffle or back peddling for skill development. For added excitement mix in bear crawls or crab walks.

Pass the Hula-Hoop
Fun is the name of the game, and pass the hula-hoop is exactly that! This is a great youth game that promotes teamwork, listening and following instruction. Have your team form a circle, have one child place the hula-hoop over their arm and then instruct everyone to join hands. Without letting go of anyone’s hand, your team must find a way to move the hula-hoop around the circle and back to the original child. Let the FUN begin!

Wheelbarrow Race
At some point in our lives just about everyone has played this game. One individual holds the legs of another and helps guide them to the finish line as they use their hands to ‘walk’ forward. Set up pairs of teammates and have them race. This is an activity for mixing group like offense and defense together, or for two teammates that might be struggling to get along.

Toss the Egg
This will certainly be a messy activity, but it sure is fun. Make sure you plan this activity for outside and that your players are not wearing the Maxxim Sports sublimated team jerseys! (Our gear can handle the mess, but you’ll want to make sure your jerseys are ready for game day!) Divide your athletes into teams of two. Have the pair’s line up facing each other. The goal is to toss and catch the egg without cracking or breaking it. If the egg is caught and doesn’t break, the player will both take a step backwards and everyone tosses again. This will continue until only one team remains with an unbroken egg.

Human Knot

This is a great game that doesn’t require anything extra while challenging your team to communicate and work together as a group. Have the children stand in a circle. Each person grabs another person’s hand across the circle. Repeat with remaining hand. Then the group must work together to unravel the massive human knot. This is a game of humor and flexibility that gets the children giggling and working hard to find a solution to a problem.

Team Outing to a Watch a Game
Take your team as a group to see a local major league, minor league, college or high school game. Your team will have fun together and have the opportunity to enjoy seeing their sport played at a high level.

Pool or Water Park Day
Take your group to a water park or pool and let them enjoy the unstructured activity of spending time together as a group. It isn’t a running drill or conditioning just old fashion fun that can be a big boost to you teams chemistry.

Pizza Party
Downtime and hanging out as a group can give your team a chance to laugh and play instead of working. Some coaches may think this as a waste of time, but sometimes this is the perfect opportunity to build unity within your team.

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Patty McDaniel

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